Upcycled Bubble Romper

This is a new design I made at a customers request. They turned out really cute. This pattern made a size 6-9.

DIY vacuum cleaner bag

I picked up this ADORABLE canister vacuum for the RV at walmart. Clearanced to $10, however, there isn’t a bag for it within 100 miles. This discovery led me to this link:


It was a tutorial on how to make your own vacuum cleaner bag. Her instructions call for “granny type polyester pants”… well, I had a pair of Skylar’s Old Navy running pants (polyester not nylon)… and the best part is that his pants had zippered pockets… NO ZIPPER installation!!

I finished up my bag, tried it out  and VIOLA… it works like a dream… so, of course, i vacuumed everything possible in my 250 sq. foot RV. My first run with the new bag yielded good results, clean pickup of everything from dog hair to tiny bits of dust. The bag emptied very easily and I feel like this is my most clever endeavor to date!

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A sport for Skylar

For years I have worried about Skylar’s heart/ lung function.

It completely thrills me to see him participate in a sport. It was always the plan that he grows stronger with each year. Be still my beating heart…

Dreamy places in Medicine Park, OK

The children and I followed signs today and found a house I accidentally fell in love with. It has a horse coral, aviary, full shop, and room for an RV. It is at the end of a long road backing up to the windfarms… LOVE IT! Plus, we saw two awesome barn houses along the way as well as a barn with two horses peeking out at us!

Hats hats & more hats

In preparation for winter ears & new winter babies (yes, they are available in larger human sizes also)



Earflap hats & rad afghans:

My new friend Bly stitched the lovliness, sweet baby Serenity posed as my lovely model & my amazing friend Kimberly of http://www.facebook.com/pages/MakFam-Productions-featuring-kmPhotography/226589834034440 took these adorable pictures: